As warmer weather approaches, that means that opening day for Cedar Point does as well! And Cedar Point has some changes coming this season...

According to MLive, there are more than a few new things to expect when Cedar Point opens its gates this summer.

  • A virtual reality component - The virtual reality component was introduced to the Iron Dragon coaster last year, and I guess it tested well, because it will now be a permanent feature. The Iron Dragon will be its "normal" self until 6 pm; but from 6 pm on, it makes the switch to virtual reality when riders (13 and older only) put on the Virtual Reality headset.
  • A new restaurant off the midway - Melt Bar & Grilled is a popular restaurant in Cleveland, and it makes its way to Cedar Point this summer. It features grilled cheese sandwiches from the "basic" grilled cheese (comes with your choice of cheese), to the unique "Mom's Meatloaf Dinner" sandwich (comes with homemade meatloaf, chipotle ketchup glaze, mashed roasted garlic redskin potatoes, and muenster cheese).
  • A new way to quench your thirst - Cedar Point now gives you the option to buy a season pass drink plan. With the season pass drink plan, your fountain drinks are unlimited for the summer, and you get to choose between a reillable bottle or disposable cup.
  • The RipCord has a new name and a new location - The RipCord is now Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling, and it can be found "in Frontier Town where Shoot the Rapids used to be."
  • A new water park - Instead of Soak City, you'll now be able to get soaked at Cedar Point Shores Water Park. The new water park will launch on May 27th with four new water attractions!

If you're excited for these changes, most of them will be available on Cedar Point's first day this season, May 6th. Read more about these changes, and others, HERE.

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