There's going to be a bit of a change to road work in the Lansing area starting this Monday.

In a post made to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office Delhi Division Facebook page, Realize Cedar posted an update about the status of road work taking place at the Cedar and Aurelius intersection; it's opening up! It will open Monday at about 10 am. That's change one.

Change two: from approximately November 5th through the 17th, "Cedar Street between Aurelius and Holt Roads will return to the northbound-only detour." During which time, the pavement will be getting finished up.

The Realize Cedar project is an initiative to help improve "sidewalks, street parking and roadways on Cedar Street" to help foster a safer community. The road work at Cedar and Aurelius is just one of the many ongoing projects. To learn more about the Realize Cedar plan and to see what other projects are going on, click here.