The Capital Area Humane Society does so much good for the lives and welfare of animals and the families that adopt them.

Lansing's Capital Area Humane Society Asks Lansing Community for Help

Typically, if you see that the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) is asking for help, you might immediately think they need help with adopting an animal from a full shelter or donating food and other items to help care for the adoptable animals.

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However, this plea for help is something new and, sadly, heartbreaking as well.

Lansing Capital Area Humane Society was Vandalized

According to the Facebook page for the CAHS, they were recently vandalized in a devastating way.

To think that people intentionally went out of their way to do something to hurt the CAHS and hinder their ability to do the amazing work they do is just despicable.

How to Help the Capital Area Humane Society

If you have any kind of knowledge or information on this incident that you can share with the CAHS, you can give them a call directly at (517) 626-6060.

Additionally, it seems like they may have some big costs to cover to fix the vans or perhaps even to buy new ones. If that's the case, you can help raise funds for the CAHS during their annual Walk for the Animals. It'll take place on Saturday, September 30th from 1 - 4 pm at Fitzgerald Park. 

Walk for the Animals is their second biggest fundraiser of the year, and it features "a 1-mile walk, doggy costume and ice creaming eating contests, trick-or-treating, vendors, a food truck, and more!" To register and get more info, CLICK HERE.

Capital Area Humane Society

Unfortunately pets need to be surrendered. The Capital Area Humane Society is here to house these animals until they can find a home. You can help the mission of the CAHS, find out how.

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