Buying and selling a house is either stressful or exciting. It really makes a difference who your real estate agent is.

We both have horror stories to tell:

When Erica bought her first house, she was so stressed out and felt like she was being forced to make a decision on a house she wasn't even sure she wanted — a nightmare, considering most people's homes are their biggest investments. Then, when she was ready to sell it, her Realtor was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Cadillac Jack thought he was safe going with a friend's daughter, who ended up being great at the beginning but dropping the ball when it really counted. She first tried to sell him a house he did not want, which made him upset. Then she finally found one he liked but there was just one problem after another after the sale. The inspector she recommended must not have been that good, because the central air died after a few weeks (replacement cost: $5,000) and a year later, he learned all the outside wiring was bad. Plus, she never had her uncle fix the two big holes in the wall as she promised. She was no help with any of these problems.

The bottom line is that Brock Fletcher at The Selling Team with Keller Williams Reality not only has the experience and professionalism to avoid these problems, but he takes the drama out of home selling!​ ​And if there is drama, he will let you out of the contract free and clear​.

Just the other day, Brock was telling us about ​Larry and Cathie, who were ready to sell their home in Lansing and move to their dream home. Brock's aggressive marketing strategy helped them sell in just six days for $14,500 above listing price. Who wouldn't love extra money to put toward their new house or the big move?

In addition, Brock is a real estate investor, so he can help you set a price and if it doesn't sell by your agreed deadline, he'll buy it. He's also able to give you an immediate cash offer for your home.

If you're thinking about listing your home, give our friend Brock a call at 517-853-6408 or check visit He's the only agent we would call if we had to sell our homes!