There have been so many changes to restaurants in Michigan since the pandemic started. We lost some of them, but some have reopened after being closed for a while. It's nice to see many restaurants start to thrive again as they continue to look for employees. It is always fun when a new restaurant opens in our neighborhood, but on the other hand when one we like closes it can be disappointing.

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Something Old Something New

Burger King is one of my favorites and I would not be happy if one closed in my neighborhood. Well, unless it was replaced with a new one that I may like better.

The Burger King in Okemos on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township is magically turning into a Buddy's Pizza according to Hmmm, I am ok with that, I am a fan of Buddys Pizza as well. The Detroit style is one of my favorites.

The township's Director of Community Planning and Development Tim Schmitt said they're excited about the new business. We’re really excited to have another new business coming into the township in the near future. Despite how hot it is today, things are moving along nicely.


What We Can Look Forward To

I am not far from Okemos and this location, so I am looking forward to it. Like the  Buddy's Pizza that opened in Delta Twp last summer, this is all part of the company's expansion plan. The Burger King there was only  4,500 square feet, but Buddy's will be so much bigger and a little over 7,000 sq feet. There will be a big patio for outdoor dining along Grand River and will have some awesome landscaping.

It should be open just after the first of the year, and they will be looking to hire 100 folks at the Okemos location.

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