I love checking the National Day Calendar to see what everyone's celebrating that day. Life's hard enough as it is, why not give ourselves something to look forward to. This summer, we get to celebrate a little piece of home for the first time!

Set an alarm in your phone for June 23rd, because we're celebrating National Detroit-Style Pizza Day. Buddy's Pizza has founded the holiday as a way to celebrate its 75th anniversary!

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In 1946, the first ever deep-dish Sicilian-style pizza was born at Buddy's Rendezvous on the corner of Six Mile and Contant in Detroit, and they're still making that delicious square pizza today. Gus Guerra and Concietta "Connie" Piccinato we're the original creators of Detroit-Style pizza.

Did you know that the steel square pans they use to make the pizza is borrowed from the auto industry? They use square blue steel pans that were intended to hold nuts and bolts at the automotive plants. Cool, huh?

Detroit-Style pizza is all about the crust, it's a deep and thick, but light at the same time. The layer toppings are a little bit different because they're done backwards. When making a Detroit-Style pizza you lay the pepperoni down on the dough first, then the cheese and sauce to top it off!

If you've never had Buddy's Pizza before, what are you waiting for? There's 19 locations in Michigan.

If you could create a national holiday, what would it be? Download the app and send us a message!

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