Are you still excited about the deals on Black Friday? Now that so many stores have "early Black Friday deals"...and "customer appreciation days"...and "prime days" and "whatever name they come up with days", it seems that Black Friday doesn't have as much appeal as it used to like back in the days when people camped out for hours (or even days) to save some money on a new TV or a new laptop.

Well, if you are one of those people who still like the shopping madness that is Black Friday, you'll be glad to know that Black Friday ads from many stores have already been posted on The Black Friday website. Want to know what's on sale at Kohl's? Click here. Going crazy wondering what the deals will be like at Costco this year? Click here. What about those BOGO deals at CVS? Here they are. There are many more store ads that are available already and new ads are being posted almost daily as we get closer to the big day. You can follow along by clicking here.


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