Black Friday is a day many people look forward to while a lot of other people dread.

On one hand you have people eager to get those deals and knock out a chunk of their holiday shopping. On the other, you have the employees of those stores having to give up time with their families on a holiday to go help people get more stuff on a day meant to be grateful for what you already have.

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Black Friday's Changing Traditions

Growing up, we always had two Thanksgivings to go to, one for either side of the family. I remember my mom always having the Black Friday ads with her, meticulously clipping out which sale item, coupon, "doorbuster", etc. and perfectly organizing them so her Black Friday would be perfectly mapped out.

Then, she and my aunt would get up at the butt-crack of dawn to head out to the stores and shop until they almost, quite literally, dropped.

Once I was old enough to tag along with them, stores started opening earlier and earlier until eventually they were open on the evening of Thanksgiving, which left me with conflicting feelings on if I should go or not.

The, came COVID-19 and it made Black Friday of 2020 a big question mark. Lots more stores decided they would be completely closed on Thanksgiving Day, a sign to their employees they deserved the full day to be with their families after such a challenging year. Many, opted to have their deals run throughout the whole month of November, some even doing most of their deals online.

What Does Black Friday 2021 Look Like?

Well, looks like the 2020 way of doing things proved to be pretty successful for quite a few stores as many of them are continuing to be closed on Thanksgiving. Returning focus to the day being one where there employees can spend the whole time with their families.

Let's take a look at which ones in particular:

Michigan Stores Closed For Thanksgiving in 2021

There are multiple websites, many with some, but few with all the stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving for 2021. Here is what we hope will be your ultimate guide as you plan your shopping in Michigan this year!

Many stores, while they may be closed on Thanksgiving, will be starting their online deals ahead of "the big show" again this year as well.

What Other Stores Will Be Closed?

We feel like we have checked off a few of the heavy-hitters but will continue to update the gallery as we get closer and closer to the day.

If you know of any we missed, please let us know!

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