Fans of the TV show, "Breaking Bad" (full disclosure - I think it's probably the best TV show ever made - I'm not alone) will be excited (but possibly a little apprehensive) to find out that the Breaking Bad movie has started filming in New Mexico. According to BusinessTimes they'll be filming there for the entire month of February.

Vince Gilligan, who came up with the idea for the TV show and wrote and directed a lot of the episodes, has written and will produce the two hour movie. The good news is the entire cast of the TV show is back for the movie, including Bryan Cranston. Even though (spoiler alert, if you haven't watched it) his character, Walter White, died in the finale

So, it's either a prequel or we're gonna be watching a lot of ghosts. I can't figure out how they're going to do this. All we know is that the plot has something to do with a kidnapping. If anybody can make it work, it'll be Vince Gilligan.

And we don't yet know if the movie will be "made for TV" or if it will be released in theaters. Years ago I think that would've made a difference. Not anymore.

Speaking of cast members - back for more will be Bay City, Michigan's own Betsy Brandt, who played Marie on the TV show (and was one of my favorite characters).

Looking forward to it. I'll be first in line.

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