A Flint woman took to Facebook to warn others when she encountered a possible predator trap just a few days ago.

In her Facebook post, Ashley Hardacre details her encounter with this scary situation. Hardacre was working the closing shift at the mall in Flint the night of the 16th, after which, she and her co-workers walked to their cars together. Hardacre got into her car and locked the doors right away, and while doing so, she noticed that there was a flannel shirt on her windshield. She also noticed that "there were two cars near [her] and one was running". So, instead of getting out of the car to remove the shirt, she tried using the windshield wipers. That didn't work because the shirt was totally wrapped around the wiper. Hardacre then drove to a safe spot before getting out of the car to remove the shirt.

The situation Hardacre described  is possibly a technique used by predators to lure people out of their cars to kidnap/harm them, or to steal their cars. In an article from CBS News, Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wrangler says that while situations like this are "not a common practice" and that there "is no cause for panic", it's never a bad idea to be "vigilant" when it comes to finding odd items on your windshield. Read Hardacre encounter in it's entirety below.

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