Last November, the hot rumor was that Cabela's (we've got three in Michigan, now) was about to be bought out by Bass Pro. In fact, the story was that it would happen by January 1st of this year. That didn't happen. But it looks like it won't be long now.

Outdoor Hub reports that Bass Pro is about to make an offer to Cabela's, with the help of Goldman Sachs. Cabela's may sell everything, or they may just sell parts of the company. There's a slight possibility somebody OTHER than Bass Pro could buy them, but my money's on Bass Pro.

The good news is that, if the sale goes through, most people agree the Cabela's brand would stay intact. My guess is everything would stay the same, and they'd just add "really owned by Bass Pro"  to the logo, in small print.

So, Taxidermy Mountain inside - and the giant bears in front - would stay at the store in Dundee. Good news, IMO.

Here's the news story.


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