I believe Christmas ornaments make the man (or woman).

For your consideration:

My Top 5 Personal Christmas Ornaments -

No. 5 - 2013 Alien Ornament: - just purchased at Bronner's (a trip to be discussed in a later blog)

The headphones show that radio DJs are loved throughout the universe. Whatever is on his forehead shows dermatologists are not.

No. 4 - Caddyshack Gopher:

Stuck. Because his feet don't reach the gas pedal.

Scared. Because that giant "Santa Mouse" behind him looks hungry.

No. 3 - The Christmas Story Lamp Ornament:

In the 1930's, apparently nothing said "Christmas" in the upper Midwest like a woman's leg in a fishnet stocking. With a lightbulb where her hip should be.

And that remains true today.

And I did NOT mean for that to come out as creepy as it did.

No. 2 - Classic Alien Ornament: (last year's favorite)

This one's smiling. They're not all this friendly.

And my new No.1 - Legal Orange Whitetail Ornament: (also just purchased at Bronner's)

It's greatness needs no explanation. Especially in Michigan. Merry Christmas to all.