Wanna know how I know that it's officially Christmas in July? It's because Hallmark has unveiled its yearly Christmas Keepsake ornaments.

Yeah, not only is the back-to-school stuff already out but there are Christmas ornaments, too. But I digress...

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Every year, Hallmark releases the new ornaments for the season, and this year, an iconic Michigan landmark was the inspiration for one of those ornaments.

Michigan Lighthouse Inspiration for New Hallmark Ornament

Holland, Michigan's Big Red Lighthouse is the inspiration for one of Hallmark's ornaments this year. It's such a recognizable landmark that sits on the south side of the Holland Channel, in all its majestic red, glory. It even holds the title of "Michigan's most photographed lighthouse." An awesome sight to behold, no doubt. This is perhaps why it was the inspiration for one of this year's Keepsake Ornaments.

Photo courtesy of Hallmark website
Photo courtesy of Hallmark website

It's titled "Holiday Lighthouse 2022", and it captures "Big Red" in all its glory.

There's a cute little Santa and polar bear out front, and it even lights up! The beacon in the tower flashes, and there are "soft, glowing lights that emanate from the lighthouse keeper's home's windows." It almost looks like it belongs in a little Christmas village setup.

If you don't mind doing a little Christmas shopping in July and want to decorate your Christmas Tree with a little bit of Pure Michigan, this ornament will run you $27.99.

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