Let's review for a second. Since the Spartans haven't been in the Rose Bowl since 1988, Banana Don and I decided that it would be fun to post pictures of us from 1988. He's already posted his here. Whoa. So, let me introduce you to the Stephanie McCoy version of the 1988 project.

Stephanie McCoy in her sophomore year in high school in 1988.

Yes, our pictures were in black and white in our yearbook. Shall we analyze? First, yes, those are braces. Second, please note the turned-up collar. (In the colored photo, I do believe that the shirt was lavender.) Yep. And the hair? Well, there sure was a lot of it!

Here's another gem:

This photo is from my sophomore year homecoming assembly. That is me on the far right in the #20 football jersey. Again, let's analyze: Yes, I am wearing a skirt. A denim skirt. I am also wearing pantyhose WITH tennis shoes and have a football jersey tucked in to that awesome denim skirt. We are lip-syncing to the song, "The Leader of the Pack."  Good times!