In one of the greatest (and now my favorite) displays of nature over technology, one of Michigan's bald eagles has taken down a Michigan government drone, destroying it and sending it to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

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According to, a drone operated by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), was flying along the coastline of Lake Michigan, near Escanaba on July 21st, when the video feed from the drone started "twirling furiously, like a bad rollercoaster ride". The pilot looked up, couldn't see the drone and saw the eagle flying away. A nearby couple confirmed that they saw the eagle attacking something. The last flight data sent from the drone showed that it landed in the water, 150 feet from shore. Two attempts have been made to find it, with no success (hey - free drone, if you can fix it)

The drone was a $950 Phantom 4 Pro Advanced. It will be replaced.

However, that eagle is priceless. I'd like to buy him (or her) a salmon.

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