Obviously - mistakes do happen and we've all made a few, but this is a doozy. According to MLive.com, a Michigan goose hunter accidentally shot a juvenile bald eagle this past weekend. The eagle survived the shooting but had to be euthanized on Monday. The hunter said the sun got in his eyes and he mistook the bird for a goose. Both are large birds and it was a juvenile (2-year-old) bald eagle with just specks of white on it's head (they don't get that distinctive white head until they are 5 years old). But, I would think the lack of a long neck would be a giveaway. At the time of the incident, a guide on a nearby river was pointing out the eagle to clients, when it got shot. The river guide saw the hunter walk up to the eagle and then contacted the authorities.

Bald eagles are no longer on the endangered species list, but they are illegal to shoot.

Just another lesson in, "be sure you know what you're shooting at" and the bigger lesson - "you never know who's watching".

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