Why the heck would someone go and kill 18 wolves and three bald eagles? Some idiot from Michigan's U.P. got charged and arraigned yesterday in Chippewa County District Court with (allegedly) doing just that - and he may have some friends who will be getting visits from the DNR as well.

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According to the Detroit News, Kurt Johnson Duncan is accused of illegally killing 18 wolves in the last couple of years, as well as three bald eagles and a bunch of other animals, including deer, turkey, bear and bobcat. Many of the animals were caught in snare traps. According to a statement from the Michigan DNR, Duncan told their detectives, "that he was catching the animals because he could and 'likes to do it.'"

Wow. I get it. If you had a wolf threatening your family or livestock, I could see killing it and pleading your case, (even then, I'd have a lot of questions about what happened) But, 18? According to BridgeMI.com, there are only about 600-700 wolves in all of the U.P. And bald eagles? Come on. Hunters have enough problems with public perception without people doing stuff like this.

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