I don't know about you, but I have always considered myself relatively adept at technology. Especially digital technology. Well at least that was my personal belief. I mean, I'm not ever going to write the next great algorithm or hack into secret government stuff (by the way anyone who uses the term "secret government stuff" probably wouldn't know what stuff to hack into something for anyway) but I felt I had a pretty good grasp of everyday technology.

But leave it to a COVID-19 pandemic and having to rely on Microsoft TEAMS and Zoom to show me that I may not know as much as I thought that I did. By the way, my kid would have probably told you this years ago, but I digress.

I have become "That Guy." The guy who holds up a video meeting because he is unable to connect to the meeting, most often I have to say through no fault of my own. The guy who when he does connect, holds his index finger up in a "hold on a minute" fashion so he can figure out why people on the call can see him but not hear him. That one is probably my fault. The guy who even this morning had to hijack someone else's phone during a video conference and ask to use one of their airpods so he could hear what was happening. All the while my boss was thinking I wasn't on the call until she saw my panicked text about my computer not letting me on the call, and that I had to hijack a phone and an airpod.

What is the reason do you think? Is technology trying to tell me something? Could it be karma? I think I'm pretty good with that though, or could it be that the universe is trying to tell me that I'm just not the techno superhero that I thought I was?

Or maybe it's just that kid of mine telling me that I may not be as tech smart as I think that I am...maybe that's what I'm hearing in my head from all those years ago...

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