These days, a lot of us are doing business on video calls. Zoom, TEAMS and well, whatever the other sites are...I've done meetings on TEAMS and Zoom and that's it as far as video conferencing is concerned but there are probably many more, right?

Every time I do a video conference, I wear a knit cap. Not because I'm trying to be hip but because my hair is starting to look like Doc Brown's in "Back To The Future". Okay, well maybe not like that, but it's getting pretty unruly and my wife starts raising H-E-Double-Toothpick when I say I'm going to buzz it down to nothing, so I'm kind of stuck. I mean who cares? It's not like everyone is going to say, "Wow, he cut all of his hair off, he doesn't look like George Clooney anymore...".

Anyway, everytime I'm on one of these video conferences, I see what everyone is wearing on top, but I wonder..."What are they wearing that the rest of us can't see?". I know that there are sometimes (most times) I am business on top and...oh gosh...I don't know...on the bottom. What would you call that? Pajamas? Sweatpants? Shorts? Something other than business? I don't know.

All of this reminds me of the time in my career where I worked at some radio stations that were in the same building with a TV station. This TV station was the big dog in town with hugely popular and credible news, sports and weather anchors and reporters. Serious stuff. However, there would be times when some of these TV anchors would be business on top and something else below. I'm saying some of these guys would come in to work and because they would sit behind a desk they would be suit and tie on top and shorts or something else below because of being able to sit behind that desk. I know because I saw it happen and actually had conversations with some of these guys while trying not to laugh at their outfits. Just think about is pretty funny.

So now everytime I'm on a video conference call, I'm wondering what we are all wearing that we all can't see and I believe most everyone else wonders, too...

I mean, you do that too, right? I can't be the only person on the planet...can I?

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