Christmas of course is different this year for most everyone. I have to tell you though it is so cool the way everyone is banding together to not let this pandemic get us down or keep us from celebrating. So many people and sites are sharing new ways to make this Christmas special even with the visit from COVID-19 this year.  nd with God's help we will be saying adios to the pandemic in 2021. has an article all about this where they say that games are a great way to get back a feeling of closeness and friendship. They go on to say that,

They [games] serve as wonderful icebreakers that help to put everyone at ease, especially if there are new faces at your gathering. Classic games like Pictionary and Charades are good for a laugh, while more modern games like Jackbox’s Fibbage will leave your guests learning and lying.

Get your game face on. Here are some games that Bustle claims will liven up your next holiday Zoom party:

  • Name That Holiday Tune
  • Gift Wrapping Race
  • Ugly Sweater Contest
  • Guess The Candy Game
  • Never Have I Ever (Holiday Version)
  • Holiday Trivia
  • Holiday Bingo
  • Holiday Jeopardy

Just more fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your family virtually, or with a small gathering, or both.

So how are you celebrating this year? Share any holiday games you will be playing with your family.

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