I'll be honest. There are a lot of stories in Michigan I was prepared to share with you here today. Bob Ross Christmas ornaments at Bronner's. The top 50 beer breweries in Michigan. And then I saw the headline:

‘Bachelor Live On Stage’ tour brings the Final Rose to Michigan

Not only did I gasp (and not in a good way) - I think I stopped breathing for several minutes. (That may be an exaggeration) Are you kidding me? (Apparently this tour was announced last night at the end of "The Bachelors Tell All and Try to Impress the Ladies By Showing How Sensitive They Are and What a Cad Luke P. Is". I checked out early - what a shame)

After years of sitting down, beer in hand (OK - both hands), to watch and make fun of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" while my wife and daughters watch, now there's a LIVE STAGE version?

Here's how it'll work, according to MLive.com: On April 4th in Detroit and April 5th in Grand Rapids, a stage version of The Bachelor will present an eligible bachelor to ladies from the live audience. They'll have some sort of "group dates" and "one on one dates" right there on stage (fantasy suites? My guess is, "No") and one woman will be offered a rose and a chance at romance. (Until they split up in the parking garage, 15 minutes later)

Tickets go on sale this week.

How close to the show will this get? Will there be beer at these venues? Can I heckle from my seat?

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