Isn't it great when new businesses and buildings get built and remodeled in Mid-Michigan?  I have written about many old buildings here in the area that are being built and refurbished, and some turning into new apartments. For Instance Lansing's West Junior High.

I live in Downtown Lansing and looking at old pictures and talking to folks who have lived here, it is amazing the way they have and are building it all up. I am in a new building and it's beautiful. I love it.

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Lansing Mall May Be Getting New Life Soon

Well, here is another great story that could happen soon in Southwest Lansing. It's the 30-acre shopping plaza "Logan Square".  I guess it has been on the mind of city officials. It has had tough times lately with empty storefronts, closed businesses, and even some code violations. Lansing City Pulse has an article about this where they report that,

Brian McGrain, director of economic planning and development for the city of Lansing, late last month took a veritable army of code compliance officers, fire marshals and others through the facility. Councilman Adam Hussain has also been fighting behind the scenes to bring down the full weight of the city on the shopping plaza after a shooting there this summer.

You will find this shopping plaza at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Holmes Road. It first opened its doors in1962. And I guess Mayor Andy Schor wanted to make improvements 3 years ago but then it was sold for almost 3 million dollars.

More Good News

The good news is there should be improvements coming soon, and some new businesses coming soon to Logan Square including a billiard hall and restaurant. There are plenty of other ideas being floated around and we will keep you posted.

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