Michigan's water system is getting a major upgrade.

Governor Whitmer announced MI Clean Water

...a $500 million comprehensive water infrastructure investment in Michigan's water systems from source to tap.

This is a major moment for the state as this has been overlooked and underfunded for "decades."

MI Clean Water will address and solve issues that have inflicted Michigan's water system for years such as lead pipes, toxic chemicals like PFAs, poor septic systems, and undersized sewers. The initiative's aim is to also make water rates more affordable.

The $500M will be divided into two categories: drinking water quality ($207.1M) and wastewater protection ($293M). More specifically,

  • $102.1M - lead-service line replacement in low-income communities
  • $290M - bonding authority for water protection
  • $105M - General Fund for drinking water infrastructure and innovation
  • $2.9M - asset management grants for communities

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says in addition to making our water safer and more affordable, MI Clean Water will also add 7,500 jobs.

Governor Whitmer said in a statement,

Since the first day I took office, I have made an unwavering commitment to ensuring that Michiganders have access to clean and affordable water. The MI Clean Water Plan marks a significant step toward that goal.

She received praise from Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan for her "aggressive plan."

In Detroit, where we have the oldest infrastructure in the state, it would give us the ability to greatly expand our water main replacement program and replace an additional 2,000 lead service lines beyond our current program.

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who was instrumental in exposing the Flint Water Crisis, said,

It is proactive investments like this that will prevent future public health crises, reduce inequities, and ensure the promise of generations of Michiganders to come.

Something residents will be excited to know is that the money will not come from an increase in taxes. The money will come from federal and existing state funds.

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