We all can agree that road repairs in our great state are something that has been needed for a long time. When I moved back here 3 years ago, it was alarming the conditions on some of the roads here.  I drove to St Clare Shores to see a friend and was amazed to see all the potholes in the area.

I had an incident in Northville where I hit a pothole and it almost pushed me into another car. Just 2 months ago, I hit a big one in the dark while I was only doing 40 mph and it gave me a blowout and it took my tire clean off and bent my rim.  Ended up costing me nearly 500 dollars.  It was a Friday night and ruined my weekend, not to mention scared the heck out of me when I hit it.

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Good News For Some  Areas

Well, here is some good news for some Michiganders. According to fox47news.com about $3.7 million in road funding grants are gonna be dished out to about 25 villages and cities through the state. If you are in a big city you are out of luck for now though, It's only for Villages and Towns with less the 10,000 folks.  It's part of the Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF), Category B - Villages and Small Cities.

Today’s transportation grants will help us fix the damn roads in villages and small cities across Michigan as we continue our economic jumpstart and put people back to work,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “With these dollars, communities can get started on fixing their roads to meet their most critical infrastructure needs at the local level right now.


More Information About The Road repairs

If you want more info on what cities go to  https://www.michigan.gov/TEDF.

Do you have any Michigan Driving stories or about how bad the roads are in your area?

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