I don't know about you, but there's days where I say, "Today's the day, I'm going to the gym and working out." And then as soon as I get home, I have no motivation or I'm no longer in the mood. Have you been meaning to hit the gym now that they're reopen and running into the same problem? Let's get fit together!

Here's some ways to help..

Don't sit down

Whatever you do, don't sit down. When you get home from work or school or whatever it is you were just doing, don't put your workout clothes on and sit down. You know how many times I've done that? I sit on the couch and promise myself one episode of whatever show it is I'm currently binge watching and the next thing I know, three hours have gone by. Put those gym clothes on and walk your butt back out that door. Better yet, pack a gym bag and a snack and leave it in your car. That way you can head straight to the gym when you're done doing whatever it is you were doing.

Short Workouts

According to Today, short but high intensity workouts are very effective. If you don't really have time to get a normal gym session in, these are perfect. A short workout is better than no workout. If you don't have the motivation to do high impact, you could throw on a quick workout video and be done in 30 minutes or go for a quick walk with some light weights.

Workout Buddies

I've always found it's way easier to stay motivated and go to the gym when I have someone to do it with. I remember back in the day, I used to wake up at 6 AM and do workout videos with my Mom. There is absolutely no way I would ever do that again if someone wasn't forcing me to. Workout buddies make working out not seem so bad. Are you at home right now with the kids? Turn them into your workout buddies. Every time my nephew would come over and I was doing yoga, he'd ask to join in. So my Dad found an ABC yoga book for him to do yoga with me. Here's a picture of us practicing ABC yoga together a few years ago.

Photo Cred Erica Gray
Photo Cred Erica Gray
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