Prepare yourself for a fantastical sighting this weekend, and this weekend only.

MLive reports that this weekend there will be a Super Wolf Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. First of all, that's the coolest name for anything ever. And second, that's important because it's the ONLY total Lunar Eclipse that will happen in the 2019 calendar year. In fact, it's the only total Lunar Eclipse that's gonna happen for a while. So unless you want to wait until May 26th of 2021 (that's when Time and Date says the next total Lunar Eclipse will happen), you'll want to make some time this weekend to check it out.

Set an alarm to go off Sunday night at 9:30. That'll give you plenty of time to bundle up, make a mug of hot cocoa, and set up a spot outside. The Super Wolf Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse will go from 9:36 pm EST until 2:48 am on Sunday. However, the prime window in which to check it out will be from about 11:40 pm Sunday until 12:43 am Monday. Just cross your fingers for skies to be clear! To learn more about Super Moons, and why a Super Wolf Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is so cool, click here!

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