Saturday night is the 4th of July. With no big fireworks shows to go see this year, looks like it's back to old school fireworks displays on your driveway or out in the street in front of your house. And about the time the fireworks are winding down in your neighborhood, take a look at the moon and check out the "penumbral lunar eclipse".

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Yeah, it's not as good as a total lunar eclipse, but it's all we got this 4th. Hey, it's going to be a warm (mostly clear) summer night and what else you got going on?

According to USAToday, this eclipse should reach its peak at about 12:30 a.m. our time on July 5th. According to, the penumbral eclipse is just Earth's shadow falling on the full moon - not the Earth blocking sunlight getting to the moon - so this eclipse will be much more subtle. You may not even notice much of a change. Here's how it will look in Lansing, according to Little heads up - look for the moon to be towards the south and low on the horizon at the peak of this event.

By the way, this full moon is known as the Buck Moon. Named because this is about the time bucks really start showing off their velvet-covered antlers.

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