A lot of people are more than ready to be DONE with the year 2016. We all have our opinions why. 2016 brought us the deaths of a lot of our favorite celebrities, caused political arguments at dinner tables and on Facebook and made Taylor Swift break up with not one, but TWO boyfriends.

TWO - in one year, people.

But, is 2016 really the worst year EVER? I'm gonna say, no.

Slate.com asked ten historians to pick a "worst year" in history. They all made compelling cases for their "year", but I have to say, my pick would be for the year 72,000 B.C. That year featured a volcanic eruption in present day Indonesia that dropped global temperatures, eradicated a lot of the food supply and killed off all but several thousand humans. Worldwide.

Now, THAT'S a bad year. Click here for the story - and then, at the end of the article, vote for what YOU think is the worst year in history.


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