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That's kind of the vibe when it comes to colloquialisms. You've got to be part of the area to really get the phrase. Or at least part of the zeitgeist.

Local Sayings and Colloquialisms

And that's just about everywhere you go. No matter what state or area you're in, there are phrases native to only those people.

But what about on a smaller scale? Say, a city instead of a state.

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Are there phrases and idioms only known to those from a certain city?

Oh, you bet there are. And we're going to talk about them.

Lansing Phrases

Sure, if you're a Michigander, you're probably familiar with some statewide phrases, like; "You got euched!" or, "Just make a Michigan left". But what about Michigan's various cities?


If you're from Michigan's Capital City, Lansing, then you know there are a few phrases that only fellow Lansing residents (or Lansingites or Lanstraunauts) would understand. Phrases that when uttered in front of the non-Lansing native person, they're left bewildered and befuddled at what you could have possibly meant.

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If you feel like you've got what it takes to wade through a Pennsylvania Avenue-sized pond (IYKYK) of phrases and sayings, take a look through the list below. There are some true gems... like talking about one bridge in particular and how much trouble some truckers have with it...

Scroll through the list below, and if there's a Lansing-centric phrase you use all the time that didn't make the list, let me know and send me a message with the station app.

Michigan Lingo: 12 Phrases That Baffle Non-Lansing Natives

If you're from Lansing, congratulations! You speak a language all your own, that only other people from Lansing understand. Some phrases, when uttered to non-Lansing natives, leave people in a state of bewilderment. Check out the phrases and see what we mean when. Can you speak Lansing's language?

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