I think we all dream about winning the lottery. Think about it, what would you do if you won millions of dollars? Money is freedom and the Michigan Lottery has a way to win. The Mega Millions is worth over $615 million this week. And Powerball jackpot is over $550 million from the Michigan lottery.

It's worth a couple of bucks to play but winning is not likely. According to megamillions.com, the odds of winning are 1 in over 300 million.

I think it would be great to win because it would give you the option to help so many people as well as your family. It would be so fun playing Santa Clause giving away a lot of your winnings.

Winning the lottery is not all fun and games though; from what I hear it comes with a lot of stress. Think about it, so many people would be coming out of the woodwork to try and cash in our your winnings.

Plus I think many folks would not be able to handle winning millions. I have heard it can lead to addiction and many personal problems. I've even heard of people winning millions and filing for bankruptcy years later. I would be happy just winning $500,000.

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