For your tailgate discussion club's consideration:

Hours from now, the Michigan State Spartans will begin their 2018-19 season against Utah State. (See what I did there? That's right - I have them playing in January) The REAL pre-season predictions (not the ones that started the moment they finished the championship game in January) came out this week. Despite coming back with a seasoned QB and a strong defense, the national sports press again looks at State's chances in the Big Ten and says, "meh" (not even with a capital "M").

I get it. Ohio State is a powerhouse. Wisconsin is pretty good. But the national press keeps dreaming of the day Michigan becomes national champions again and Harbaugh will invite them into his pyramid, or wherever he does his interviews. According to Desmond Howard (who of course is a Michigan alum) picks them to win the championship. (To be fair, three out of the 42 ESPN football analysts have State going to the playoffs) And Bleacher Report and Sporting News pick Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan to do better than State. Michigan plays Notre Dame - in South Bend - tomorrow night. If the Wolverines can beat the Fighting Irish at home, I'll shut up. For this week.

Of course, this luke-warm response to the Spartans by the press, may play to our advantage. Getting disrespected is always good fuel for Coach Dantonio.

Go Green. Go White.


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