Recently, at least on social media, people have been expressing their frustrations with listings found on Airbnb. Mostly, the complaints have to do with lack of cleanliness, unexpected fees, expected chores, and the listing, overall, not being worth the money that was charged.

A quick search on Tiktok of "Airbnb Nightmares" brings up a ton of videos like this:

Regardless, Airbnb continues to be a popular resource for those looking for long and short-term stays. There are some pretty unique homes you can choose including an entire category of tree houses.

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That's where I found this listing for what appears to be a suspended hammock/tent for $100 a night. You'll see the pictures below.

The Airbnb is located in West Olive, Michigan. According to the listing, which is described as a Hanging Oasis, this stay includes:

  • Cooking and Dishware basics (pots, pans, bowls, plates, etc.)
  • Public beach access
  • Private Outdoor Kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Half Bath

And pets are allowed. But, would you pay $100 to stay in what appears to be a tent? Take a look:

Would You Stay in this "Hanging Oasis" in Michigan?

Listed as a "tree house" this hanging tent in Michigan will cost ya $100 a night

Look, if you're someone who loves camping and being in the woods with only a tent as your shelter, this place would probably be really fun for you. You can see the full Airbnb listing here.

Personally, for $100, you can catch me in a hotel relaxing by the pool or enjoying some room service.

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