If the clouds part, the full moon coming this weekend is set to light up the Michigan sky. 

There are clouds and rain in the forecast, however you might catch a peak of the fourth closest full moon of the year. Named after the worms that start to emerge this time of year, this full moon is called a Worm Moon. Other names include the Crow Moon and the Sugar Moon.

Aron Visuals via Unsplash

April, May and June will all feature full moons that are closer, with the full moon of May being the closest of the year.  That makes this weekend's moon the fourth closest. If you're going to make an effort to see the moon, you might also spot a few planets. According to WOOD TV, Mars will be high on the horizon in the west. Jupiter and Saturn will be close together in the early morning sky about an hour before sunrise. Look low in the east-southeast to see the two.

Christians worldwide will be particularly interested in learning when this Full Moon arrives. In Christian tradition, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of spring. The Old Farmer's Almanac explained,

"In 2021, March's Full Moon occurs after the date of the spring equinox, so it is also the Paschal Full Moon."

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

Some refer to this moon as the Lenten Moon. Every 29.53 days the Moon goes through eight distinct phases - the so-called lunar cycle. If you miss the Worm moon, you'll have more coming to round out Spring. Full moons to look forward to:

  • Pink Moon - April 27
  • Flower Moon - May 26
  • Strawberry Moon - June 24

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