Next time you win that million dollars from the Michigan Lottery, they won't give you that big, fake check unless you can produce some valid ID. Actually, they're going to need two forms of ID. A valid, government-issued photo ID and your Social Security card. And everything has to match fake check (no real check, either)

According to the Free Press, this all starts January 1st, so if you could go ahead and win in the next couple of days, you won't have this hassle, but after that.....

My guess is, the photo ID won't be a problem - finding your Social Security card will be more of a problem. I know I would have to search for mine. And, if you've lost yours (I've done it) you can get a replacement copy of your card mailed to you from the Social Security Administration. But then you'll have to put your "In Your Face (fill in bosses name) - I Won the Lottery and I'm Filthy Rich!" party on hold for a few weeks.

BTW - please invite me.


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