Imagine winning tickets to a concert and not knowing who the performer's going to be.

That was the idea behind 100.7 WITL's very first "Secret Star Acoustic Jam".

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We teamed up with Neighborhood Michigan Ford Dealers to give WITL listeners a chance to win tickets at a variety of local businesses. WITL also offered opportunities for listeners to win tickets on the air.

Who Was the Secret Star?

MJ and Kristen from the WITL Wake-Up Show tried and tried to get JR to tell them who the "Secret Star" was going to be ahead of time, but he would only give them a few hints.

He let them know that it was someone who was no stranger to #1 on the country charts, and that they had been cranking out country hits for more than a decade.

In the days before the show, MJ and Kristen tried even harder to find out who the "Secret Star" was.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Kristen pointed out that a lot of country songs involve drinking, and asked whether this artist had any drinking songs.

JR told her to "bring her 'beer money'."

MJ wanted to know whether our "Secret Star" had a truck song.

JR let him know that this artist definitely sang "'something 'bout a truck'."

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Astute listeners figured it out pretty quickly after that - WITL's "Secret Star" was Kip Moore!

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Thanks to Kip for coming to Lansing and being part of WITL's very first "Secret Star Acoustic Jam" on August 23. Thanks too to our opener Jessie Campbell!

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures from the evening, courtesy of John Reasoner Photography.

WITL's "Secret Star Acoustic Jam" with Kip Moore, 8/23/23

100.7 WITL hosted its very first "Secret Star Acoustic Jam" on August 23, 2023. Our "secret star" turned out to be none other than Kip Moore! Here are some pictures from the night, including opener Jessie Campbell.

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