Let's take a journey back to 1971, do you even remember what you did that year? Well, I don't, lol. If you lived in Williamston you might remember, because that was the 100th anniversary of the founding of that great city.  The story goes that folks back then decided to have a huge fest to celebrate.  There were bluegrass festivals, rodeos, wrestling matches, carnivals, and many, many fun things to do in that small town at the time according to michiganfun.com

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Hope you are ready, because the Williamston Rotary Club is getting ready for the 50th annual Red Cedar Jubilee. and this year it's the Jubilee’s 50th birthday and the cities 150th birthday," said Jubilee Secretary Dan Rhines and fox47news.com.

Many were upset last year because it had to be canceled due to the pandemic. That's why this year's Jubilee has some very special surprises this week..

So, get ready this week and buy your Duck Race ticket, and hopefully win a big prize,

You are also giving back and helping a great cause, helping to fund the Sunrise Rotary Club for the next year. I like this part, when you buy a steak sandwich in the Lions food and beverage tent, you are also buying glasses for an underprivileged person. So go out and have a great time and be a big help to others.

For the past 22 years, the popular duck race has raised over 450,000 dollars to the community. That will continue this year, The ducks are out of their quarantine and have been vaccinated and washed, so are you feeling lucky?

For more info on the Jubilee this week go to redcedarjublee.com.

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