There will be no shortage of fun things to do in October here in Michigan and the Lansing area. Still some great concerts on the way as well as a few fall festivals, not to mention how beautiful our state is in the fall.

I lived in Las Vegas and Florida and sure they are great places to live if you don't like snow or the cold.  I have to say though I did miss the seasons and the fun things to do in fall and winter

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This Fall Festival Is Gonna Be a Blast

Here is the scoop, The Grand Ledge Fall Festival is back, so get ready for some fun on Saturday, Oct. 9th. If you remember its started last year replacing the Color Cruise which was has been going on for 40 years.

We did bring back, like, a petting zoo and some different stuff that we normally had during the Color Cruise,” Said Amy Hoys from the Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce. “The boat wasn’t able to be put in last year. But it was such a great turnout, and we had such positive feedback from it that we decided to do it again this year. Honestly, it was really easy to put together last year, so I thought ‘Let’s do that again.


Here Is What We Can Enjoy at The Fall Festival

This no doubt the Grand Ledge Fall Festival will be fun for the whole family with plenty to do, live music and entertainment, arts and crafts, and plenty of food like elephant ears, pork, burgers, pizza and brats, and so much more.

Enjoy, and for more info go to

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