For years there were drunk people running amok, on the roads, in their cars. But without some definitive way to prove it when they got pulled over, drunk driving continued to be a problem.

Then, the breathalyzer came along. And changed everything. Drunk driving is still obviously a problem, but (I think) people think a little longer about the consequences before they climb behind the wheel after a couple of drinks.

So, now the newest "driving distraction" is texting while driving. Every day now, the CDC says NINE people die and more than 1,100 are injured in the U.S., due to auto accidents caused by "distracted driving". If there were only some way to hold drivers accountable for doing it - so they could face the music. Guess what? There is.

Meet the "textalyzer". (And it's so new, spell check's having a problem with that one)

According to, the textalyzer is a new technology which may soon get it's first customer in the State of New York. New York already has pending legislation that would use this technology. With this technology, a driver suspected of driving while texting would surrender their phone to an officer who would be able to find out, by plugging it into the textalyzer, if texting had been occurring during the time the driver was on the road.

Interesting story. Click here to find out more.


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