AAA is looking to push some new bills to help modernize some of Michigan's distracted driving laws, according to WILX.

“Our research shows that education and legislation are key factors in changing behavior,” AAA memember in Michigan,  Adrienne Woodland said.

The bills that are hoping to be passed, would cover things such as social media as well as video streaming. The bills have already cleared through the House Judiciary Committee..

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“Just looking away from the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash. 5 seconds of reading an email or a text is like driving across a football field while blindfolded. So you know distracted driving is a growing problem and these bills will help on the way to make our roads safer,” Woodland added.

Distracted driving caused 64 crashes in 2019 that also caused 71 fatalities in just Michigan back in 2019, this data from the National Highway Traffic Administration. Just even a second of looking up to do things with your radio, dialing, texting is considered a mental distraction.

“A mental distraction can last up to 27 seconds while you’re driving so that’s 27 seconds after dialing or texting or changing the radio station you can still be mentally distracted,” Woodland continue.

There are three bills that AAA is hoping will be passed. The three bills that are currently up and being presented can be viewed below.

House Bill 4277 - House Bill 4278 - House Bill 4279

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