Hollywood and Ann Arbor are both abuzz this morning (well, the will be in L.A. when they wake up at 3PM our time) about Jim Harbaugh and the possibility of him being the new coach of the L.A. Rams. If you haven't heard, they finally fired Rams head coach Jeff Fisher yesterday. According to the Washington Post, there are three names being talked about as the possible new head coach: Pete Carroll of the Seahawks (and former head coach of USC), Jon Gruden, who's spent the last seven years on Monday Night Football and Michigan's own Jim Harbaugh.

How would that all play out contract wise for Harbaugh? Click here.

And what does Bill Reiter from CBS Sports think about Harbaugh in L.A.? Bill says bring on the drama. He says, "The Rams don't have enough personality to meet the media and fan needs of Mayberry, let alone Hollywood."

Bill also thinks the price tag to get Harbaugh could be $10-15 million. And he says it would be worth it.

Things might be about to get interesting. Not if you're a Wolverine fan, but....



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