As far as I'm concerned, nothing says "summertime" more than fireflies in your backyard or fields.

But, have you noticed fewer fireflies in your backyard in past years? It seems to me that there used to more more. I think it's still early this year for them in our neck of the woods, but, according to, scientists say firefly populations are declining worldwide. (Did you know there's over 2,000 species of fireflies?) And, hopefully our local fireflies don't have to face the problems some "urban" fireflies already are. The problem is the same old story: natural habitat being gobbled up by parking lots and buildings.

Plus, there's the issue of light pollution. According to scientists, light pollution hampers fireflies' "flirting and seduction behavior". Like star-crossed lovers everywhere, fireflies have always liked a a dark, secluded place on a summer night. Give them that - and you've got fireworks.


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