We have all heard "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby. It is the world's best selling single of all time with over 50 million sold. Over 100 million if you add up all the artists that covered it. I think we can all agree that Christmas is the one time of year that we hope for a lot of the white stuff. I know I do. When I think about growing up in Chicago ,it seems like it always snowed over Christmas, but not so much anymore.

Well check out the map pictured from accuweather.com which shows the historical probability that at least 1 inch of snow will be on the ground at Christmas day.

After what has been an often dreary year for many Americans, a white Christmas sounds like it may be the least Mother Nature could do to cheer up a few holiday hearts this month. With Christmas just a little over 3 weeks away -- can you believe it? -- some may be starting to wish for a little snow on the big day, For some Americans, those wishes may come true! For many others, however, a lackluster year will be topped off by a grassy landscape come Christmastime.

There is just something about a white Christmas in the Midwest. I really think after a tough year for everybody we need to have a nice snowfall to put us a little more in the Christmas spirit.

So what do you think?  Are you hoping for a lot of snow this year for the big day?

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