Vancouver Island in British Columbia doesn't get a lot of snow - it usually gets rain. So Monday night, when they did get around 5 inches of snow, some people needed help. And that's where Marko Kardum came to the rescue. According to CTV News, Marko is a farmer, who owns a Zamboni machine that he bought for $300. He says he uses it on his farm to "move my horse manure around"(?). He decided to help out his aunt and local neighbors by clearing their road with the Zamboni. And, from what I can tell, there was no smooth Canadian beer involved. And then somebody decided to call the cops to alert them of Marko's criminal Zamboni behavior. The cops stopped him, but didn't ticket him (hey, it's Canada) and sent him home.

Here's the story. With video of Marko and the reporter who did the story just 'cuz he got to drive the Zamboni. Which, I totally understand.


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