I walk out of my house every morning to go to work at about 5AM. I've encountered raccoons, deer and even a skunk in my front yard, but this time of year, the one thing I'm on the lookout for is..spiders. Nobody wants to walk through a spider web in the dark. And to be honest, I'm not as concerned with the web as I am with the large spider associated with said web. And this is prime time for spiders. Why? Love, my friend. Love.

According to ClickOnDetroit, it's spider mating season in Michigan. The male spiders are actively seeking female spiders. Both male and female spiders make webs, but the theory is that the females make bigger, more impressive webs because they'll be eating for a thousand. And in a story that stretches across the animal world - the males are too busy looking for lady spiders, to spend time on building webs.

(And - by all means - feel free to use the term "Lady Spiders" for your band's name)

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