I have to say I am ok with there being more women than men in the US.  Makes my odds better at finding a date as I am still looking for my soul mate.  So according to statistics.com, there are almost 163 million males and just over 166 million females in the United States.

So that means the percentage of gals is about 50.52 percent, the male 49.48 for us males. This is as of 2020.

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Here Is The Scoop On Ratios

So check this out there are more women going to school at Central Michigan University than men. I guess the ratio last fall was three to two according to fox47news.com

Which doesn't surprise Anne Hornack, who has been an educational leadership professor at CMU for the past 13 years. Across the country, the number of men enrolling in college has been dropping. Michigan is no exception. Our number of men, boys and men graduating from high school has gone down, down, down, down, with the biggest numbers being in our black and Hispanic populations," she said


I always said gals were smarter than boys, so this just proves it. Ha.

Here is the deal though, not every Michigan University has a difference like this.  Michigan State University's enrollment is 51 percent women. The University of Michigan is 50-50, and Western Michigan University has a bit more men.

Many Factors To Consider

It makes sense I guess, if there are more women in the U.S. population, sure a bit more will be enrolled in college. I would also venture to say that with the price of continuing your education after high school, rising costs, and of course the pandemic may have taken a bit of a toll on many young people attending.

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