What cities in Michigan got more (or less) snow than usual this past winter? And how much did Lansing get?

The numbers are in for the 2018/2019 winter. According to MLive.com, the western end of the U.P. got hammered. Marquette ended up being your "Michigan snow champs", getting 222 inches of snow. That's actually 20 inches more than normal. On the low end of snow for the state was Detroit - they only had 31 inches of snow.

Here in the Lansing area, we didn't get much more than Detroit. We shoveled our way through 38 inches of snow, which is about a foot less than average. (Could've padded our numbers if last weekend's "phantom snow storm" had showed up)

I'm sure it just seemed like we got more snow, with all those brutally cold days that shut down school for several days at a time. Nobody in Michigan got out of that.

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