I don't think many people in Michigan will miss this last winter. We're not totally out of it yet and to make that point, EarthSky.org has published recent photos from a photographer in Michigan's Upper Peninsula showing waves on Lake Michigan that froze solid.

Glenn Hughson was on the beaches of Lake Michigan, in the Manistique area last week, when he took photos of what appeared to be frozen waves (you would think this would've happened further north, on Lake Superior).

Here's the science: from what I've read, the waves didn't actually flash freeze in place, but rather - ice junks were pushed together and frozen in place - then snow and ice covered the area and you got what LOOKS like frozen waves. It's better known to scientists as "shelf ice". And apparently it's fairly common on the Great Lakes.

But if you want to show the photos to a kid and say Queen Elsa from "Frozen" did it - I'll play along.


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