The year is almost over and there are plenty of places to ring in 2022.

With the majority of 2021 behind us, we can now begin to look to the future! Of course, the most famous ball drop in the country takes place in New York at Times Square and honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to go to that. To me, I feel like it would just be a miserable experience. I've even heard stories of people wearing diapers there so they can keep their places. No thanks!

With that said, there are plenty of other places in the great state of Michigan to check out the New Year's Eve festivities. Just be sure to drive safely.

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Where are some of the bigger New Year's Eve events in Michigan?

For the most part, you can find a NYE party at every corner in Michigan, but these are some of the bigger ones if you want to venture out. Unfortunately, almost all hotel rooms at casinos are sold out, I looked.

  • Marquette's New Year's Eve Ball Drop. The party will get cranking at 11 pm at the corner of Washington Street and Front Street.
  • Kalamazoo's New Year's Fest. Around 30 entertainers will take the stage at 10 different locations surrounding Bronson Park.
  • Ludington's New Year's Eve Ball Drop. The party starts at 9 pm with music, beer tent, fireworks, and more.
  • Detroit is also in on the action with The Waterfront's New Year's Eve Party on Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte. The party will include live entertainment, sparkling wine, and more.

Whatever you decide to do for New Year's Eve, just be safe.


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