Soon, you might be seeing Ford F-150 police vehicles on the streets. The Ford Motor Company has introduced the new "F-150 Special Service Vehicle". According to the Daily Mail (I know - a British website had the best photos) the police F-150s will have bulletproof doors and a place for your police dog. And you'll be able to get them in two or four-wheel drive. HOWEVER, our sources at Ford tell us the F-150 will not be an "interceptor" model, so they won't be (officially) built for chasing bad guys. Here's what they'll look like.

The other modification coming to Ford built police vehicles will be the "'no profile' interior visor light bar". Now, when the lights come on (after you speed by that officer) the red and blue lights will come from the sun-visor area of the interior - not on the roof. And yes - it will be an option for the new F-150 vehicles. So, soon that familiar "police car profile" will be a thing of the past. Which is going to change the way you act toward certain vehicles on the road. Right?

Here's the press release from Ford.


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