Sunset Retirement Communities and Services in Jenison, Michigan (between Grand Rapids and Hudsonville) got their close-up moment yesterday, when ABC's Good Morning America" visited. GMA was there because Sunset has not one, not two, but 18 people living there who will turn 100 years old - or older, this year.

According to, they had a party for all the centenarians this week. They all range from 100 to 102 years old and a few had something to say about the things they've seen in the last 100 years. James Pierce remembers the cold seat of a Michigan outhouse in winter. And nowadays? “Nowadays, you go to the mall and see all these kids paying big money for jeans with holes in ‘em,” Pierce said. “Everybody’s got money, but I s’pose they want to look poor.”

You can dispute him kids, but I don't think James is on "the 'Gram". I could be wrong. (just humor me, kids - I'm about 5 years away from living there myself, so....)

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